Medical Tourism

The Medical Tourism Industry

The medical tourism industry in Mexico has succeeded by fulfilling some weaknesses recorded in the American and Canadian health care systems, and the industry has grown quickly during the past five years.

The Mexican government expects the medical tourism industry to continue to grow. For example, a UCLA study in 2009 found that nearly one million California residents travel to Mexico each year for medical care. And that is quite a positive developmental discovery in the country’s medical services.

How safe is Mexico for Medical Procedures?

The rapid increase in health care costs in the US and Canada, particularly for elective surgery, has made nearby Mexico an ideal location to feel safe on comparable health care and beauty-enhancement procedures. In addition, many safe, anti-aging and beauty enhancement procedures commonly performed in Mexico are not approved in the US by the FDA.

While you may think this is because they are not safe. In fact, it is because the Botox/filler industries pay the lobbyist ridiculous amounts of money to keep them from approving. It’s a billion-dollar industry.

If you knew there was a natural, safe and better way to reverse aging….wouldn’t you choose this instead???

The surgeons in Mexico offer a wide variety of cosmetic procedures. These include F cells, collegian strings, peels, plasma blast, micro-needling, ozone, breast augmentation, facelift, neck lift, rhinoplasty, Brazilian buttock, tummy tuck, brow lift, liposuction, and blepharoplasty.

Of all the cosmetic procedures listed above, the ones that are available in the US are significantly less expensive in Mexico.  Average savings on cosmetic surgery in Mexico range from 50%-70% in comparison to American costs.

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