PRP / Carboxytherapy

PRP / Carboxytherapy

The indispensable attribute of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can not be ignored, neither can it be overemphasized, and this is as a result of the positive impact it has had on medical tourism and experts continuous search for a lasting solution for all kinds of external and internal body repair.

Years after its introduction into the medical tourism and other various plastic procedures, so many different areas have been discovered where PRP serves as the perfect choice of solution, and its application to these cases has proven to be the best option.

PRP provides a bunch of benefits/functions, and part of it is its renowned improved anti-aging and wrinkle curing treatment. Although this treatment became famous around the mid-2000s, it has made significant progress in the improvement of skin texture and tone, especially as it serves as a cure for wrinkles and other skin issues.


Let’s go further into some major benefits of using PRP for Anti-aging treatment, and part of it is its long lastingness, most suitable for fragile areas like the eye region, it boosts the production of collagen in the blood which in turn, aids the thickening of the skin. But most what is important of them all is that PRP uses a little amount of blood from the body of the same patient, thereby allowing a large amount of plasma to be reintroduced into the body to enhance the reproduction of collagen in the blood. So you can see that a lot of organic processes are taken into consideration when you’re treated.

Now moving on, let’s also look at PRP as a remedy for rehab of joint and severe injuries. This treatment has been available right from the mid-20th century; however, its acceptance was gradual because patients were quite reluctant to use it, though it turned out to become something incredible.

One of the major areas in which this treatment has been applied is in the sporting world, with athletes being at the forefront of it due to the muscle damage they suffer in the course of carrying out sporting activities.

Aside from being used in the rehab of muscle damage by athletes, PRP is also used in the treatment of injuries throughout the body, and diseases such as osteoarthritis, sprains, strains, and injuries in the shoulder, elbow, and knee.

In all, it is important that patient follow some of the vital steps listed below:

  • Avoid strenuous exercise, especially when it concerns activities that put weight on the joints.
  • Wearing support in the early weeks to balance out the joint.
  • Utilizing cold packs to diminish expanding and decrease distress. A few have found this very useful.

Also below are some reasons as to why PRP is considered to be a viable and trustworthy solution to injuries and their rehabilitation:

  • Pharmacological and careful mediations smother aggravation, as opposed to healing the issue. On the other hand, in PRP treatment, we take those healing signals from the circulation system, deliberate them and heal the spot.
  • The advent of PRP has displaced physiotherapy that poses a more or less painful healing process.
  • It offers a long-lasting result, and that is the most appealing factor in PRP.
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