Stem Cells

How stem cells help fight against Aging

Did you know that Stem Cells help to fight against Aging? In life, one thing is inevitable… we’re ALL AGING! Although it may arrive even earlier than many of us expect. There are several factors that may influence this process, in which our skin seems to look older than our age. Today, let’s talk about how stem cells can help keep our most important cover letter intact… which is our FACE!

What are stem cells?

Stem Cells are basically the body’s raw material. It is from the stem cells that many different types of cells are generated in our body, with each of them carrying out specific functions. One of its most important functions is to regenerate tissues, regardless of their type: bones, cartilage, muscles and even the skin. Thanks to its regenerative properties, among its many uses is the treatment of heart, blood and other diseases of the nervous and immune system. But they do not only help to cope with diseases. They are excellent for Anti-Aging too.

The best Anti-Aging treatments

Currently, there are many treatments available in the field of aesthetic medicine that try to combat Aging. But many of these are invasive and painful.

Plastic Surgery can be expensive and with many days/weeks of healing. However, none seem to have such incredible potential as the use of stem cells to correct wrinkles.

In addition to their regenerative capacity, stem cells have the power to make copies of themselves and to differentiate themselves from other types of cells. This is the main reason why they can regenerate new tissues, such as damaged skin, and this is why they are considered suitable for delaying Aging.

The mission of stem cells against wrinkles?

In anti-aging treatments, stem cells aim to prevent the passage of time. Its main mission is to reduce wrinkles and correct some defects on our skin, such as blemishes and scars. Additionally, stem cells help renew and revitalize skin cells, thereby providing rejuvenation in the area where they are applied.

How do they help to fight against Aging?

When it comes to wrinkle treatments, these cells can be used by combining them with facial fillers. For example, the combination of stem cells with hyaluronic acid acts in harmony to offer an excellent result. The use of these cells is not only limited to stop the progress of wrinkles on our face. It can also be used in other parts of our body where the skin suffers from sagging. Through this application, our skin can recover the firmness and elasticity that has been lost. Stem cells also help regenerate the skin in areas that have suffered burns and acne scars.

Are their Risks?

Because the Stem Cells used are grown from your own body and blood, there are no risks of rejection or side effects possible. This is because it is purely organic.

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